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Casey Cobb

Software engineer, angel investor, writer, speaker, inventor, and co-founder of three companies, including web development agency Team Ricochet.



Casey Cobb helps organizations thrive by keeping founders focused on delivering value. Casey believes in testing assumptions early and often — and puts that theory into practice as a software engineer, inventor, angel investor, writer, and speaker. He has co-founded and invested in 13 different companies, including web development agency Project Ricochet, and speaks regularly at conferences, accelerators, and companies on topics ranging from co-founder selection to his popular “Avoiding Accidental Evil” keynote.

He’s written 30+ articles on the intersection of technology and management, and gives back as an entrepreneur by advising several software startups. Casey lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 4-year old son.​


For a list of books that have heavily influenced Casey, please refer to his recommendations on Goodreads.

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